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Extreme Kitchen Makeovers: Apollo Kitchens Before and Afters – The Living Room Special

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

A good kitchen makeover is one of the most influential decisions a homeowner can make. It transforms the home, adds value to the property or it can change your lifestyle. Whether your kitchen only requires a minor update or a complete renovation, the best way to brainstorm is to look at other kitchen makeovers to understand the possibilities and get inspiration.

The Living Room, a hit TV show on channel 10, collaborated with Apollo Kitchens to design an exceptional reverse layout that was tailored to the owner’s lifestyle. Let’s take you on the kitchen makeover journey with Baz du Bois and The Living Room.

Kitchens have evolved over the years. They are no longer just for cooking; it has transformed into the ideal location for integrating family members since it plays an important role in our daily lives by allowing us to socialise and entertain.

This is exactly what Apollo Kitchens’ best Flipping Kitchen Reno has done for Josh, the homeowner, by giving him a brand new modern kitchen.

Let’s take a look at some of the important modifications Apollo Kitchens made with The Living Room that contributed to this kitchen makeover:

By splitting the room into two distinct zones, Apollo Kitchens has transformed a tiny kitchen into a supersized creative, welcoming and integrated space. All of the prep and cooking takes place on one side of the room, which also houses all of the utilities and appliances.

On the other end of the kitchen, the blocky island bench was removed. It was replaced with an appealing bar and a table in front of lovely french doors that connect this sociable portion of the room to the outside area. This has been carefully considered in light of Josh’s lifestyle and the years ahead.

The big layout alterations produced a fantastic result when combined with superb equipment that provided a modern finish, such as the French Door Hisense Fridge.

Smartstone’s Super White Ibrido Collection was used on all benchtops in this kitchen makeover. This Smartstone benchtop, paired with the white splashback, has filled the room with light and elegance.

Small adjustments, such as replacing small kitchen cabinets with larger ones, improved the user experience and made storage more efficient.

The new colour palette, in contrast to the former wallpaper, has given the kitchen a clean and unpolluted appearance.

“Wow, that’s insane!”, “Awesome layout!”, “It is amazing! Everything I could ever want.” were some of the words said by Josh as he first walked into the kitchen.

Our favourite part is watching people’s faces in the big reveal of the kitchen transformation; check out Josh’s reactions to his kitchen makeover.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with The Living Room team. Their enthusiasm and commitment to this initiative shined through. If you want to view this episode right now, go to 10Play.

As we did for Josh, Apollo Kitchens’ expert team can help you transform your current space into your dream kitchen. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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