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7 Ways to Create Space in Your Sydney Home Through Kitchen Design

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

While you may lament a lack of space in your current kitchen, often there’s more space to play with than you might think – the trick is how to maximise this to its full potential. You will be surprised at how much strategic Sydney kitchen design can achieve!

A renovation is the perfect opportunity to consider every element of your kitchen, and how it can be optimised to give you the most space possible.

From clever layout adjustments to multi-purpose storage and design choices, keep reading to find out how you can say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to a more open, inviting kitchen that adds value and comfort to your Sydney residence.

1. Rethink your layout

The layout is the foundation of your kitchen, and so it’s a pivotal element in creating space.

Open plan designs are the overwhelmingly popular choice for modern kitchens, but for good reason – the continuity they create with adjacent areas of the home can give you more options for work zone configuration, shared spaces and design inclusions.

For smaller homes, galley-style kitchens prevent the space from feeling too crowded and are quite practical when it comes to creating the ‘golden triangle’ between your fridge, sink and cooktop.

Where you have the room, an island bench can double as additional preparation space as well as satellite seating.

2. Make the right storage choices

Where space in your kitchen is limited, opt for deep-set drawers over cupboards below your bench. This style of storage is usually more accessible, as you can just as easily access items at the front as the back.

Another benefit of drawers is that they can be different heights to accommodate large pots and pans, crockery and cutlery. What would otherwise be one large cupboard could be turned into five functional drawers with the right design. This Sydney kitchen design strategy maximises the available space without actually increasing your kitchen’s footprint.

3. Install clever organisation solutions

While making the right storage choices goes a long way towards creating space in your kitchen, equally as important are the organisation solutions inside your cabinetry.

Invest in space-maximising solutions like pull-out or tiered shelving, inner-door racks, vertical dividers or swivel systems for awkward corners. These allow you to utilise every bit of your storage space, without creating a sense of clutter or disorganisation.

4. Illuminate your space

Don’t underestimate the difference that clever lighting makes between a kitchen feeling cramped versus open and spacious.

At the design stage, take every opportunity to maximise natural light first. Large windows, french doors to adjoining outdoor areas or skylights will all make a significant difference to how big your kitchen feels. Even consider swapping out your traditional splashback for a window to let as much light in as possible.

Additionally, strip lighting along your kickboards or under your upper cabinetry can help to eliminate shadows and create a sense of depth in your kitchen, giving the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.

5. Consider your colour scheme

Just as not enough light can make a kitchen feel small and boxed in, a dark colour palette can detract from the sensation of space.

Soft, neutral colours in a white or cream palette will reflect natural light and amplify the effect of openness.

To avoid the kitchen feeling too stark or clinical, opt for a feature splashback tile or tiling pattern or introduce a dynamic element through your cabinetry.

6. Material choices

Neutral-toned materials will also complement your other Sydney kitchen design choices to maximise the feeling of space in the kitchen.

Light timbers can add some warmth and dimension to an all-white colour palette if you don’t like a monochromatic look.

Otherwise, consider how glossy tiles or glass can reflect light within the space to make it feel open and airy. Opting for glass-fronted cabinets or shelves is a great way to harness natural light without compromising on storage.

7. Create a secondary space

If space allows, consider adding a butler’s pantry adjacent to the kitchen. This separate prep area can store small appliances and food items, and even serve as a mini bar. It keeps the main kitchen uncluttered and allows for seamless meal prep and cleanup, making it feel more spacious.

These are just a handful of ways you can leverage Sydney kitchen design principles to create space in your Sydney kitchen. To learn how to achieve the best result from your renovation, why not visit our team of expert designers at a showroom location in Sydney, Western Sydney or the Central Coast? Alternatively, reach out to us today to discuss your upcoming project.

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