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Innovative Kitchen Cabinet Solutions for Sydney Homes

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Kitchen cabinetry plays a large role in creating the look and feel of your space. While there are countless aesthetic options to choose from, nailing your design is just as important. This ensures you end up with a functional kitchen, packed with storage and organised in the way you like to cook and entertain.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen cabinets in Sydney, we’ve put together some of our favourite solutions that you may not have considered for your project.

Pull-out cupboards

One of the most common challenges when designing your cabinetry layout is making use of awkward or ‘dead’ space in between things like appliances, walkways or corners.

Rather than conceding these narrow gaps or simply absorbing them into the neighbouring cupboards, consider whether a pull-out solution could create the functionality you’re looking for.

Tall, narrow sections can make great homes for items like baking trays and chopping boards. You could also house cooking ingredients like oils, vinegar and cooking sprays to facilitate easier meal preparation.

Shallow drawers

For those who have the opposite problem, a shallow drawer serves a similar purpose. Usually this kind of space is found underneath a cooktop or sink, not large enough to install a full-sized drawer but otherwise big enough to warrant making use of this possible storage.

While most commonly used as a home for spices, these kinds of kitchen cabinets in Sydney can also be a clever spot to house baking paper and foil or cooking utensils.

Full-length cabinetry

If you are conscious of storage space in your kitchen, turning an empty wall into a floor-to-ceiling cabinetry feature can offer both form and function.

Rather than running your benchtop and upper cabinetry to the adjacent wall, allow for the depth of another set of cupboards to span this space. A feature cabinetry wall also makes a great home for ovens and microwaves, and you can opt for an integrated solution if you like a sleek and minimal finish.

Pet station

With many of us having furry members of the family, a new cabinetry design can offer the chance to build a food and water station for your pets.

The short end of your bench or island makes a great home for this solution. A hinged bin at the top can store your dry food, keeping this organised and out of view, and you can leave an open section in the bottom to house bowls for food and water. Ensure these are set at a height and depth that your pet can comfortably access.

Glass cabinetry

For those who like the look of open or exposed shelving, or whose kitchens can feel small and cramped with the addition of upper cabinetry, then you may want to consider a glass shelving unit.

The use of glass creates a heightened sense of elegance as opposed to using a wood or laminate shelf and prevents the natural light in your space from being impacted.

You can opt for a clear frame to give a floating effect, or alternatively tie in the colour with your kitchen accents or hardware for a cohesive look.

Vertical storage organisation

A struggle that often comes from large, deep kitchen cabinets in Sydney homes is making good use of the space. Pots and pans become haphazardly stacked, and it becomes a hassle to access what you need.

Creating an in-built storage system here can alleviate these problems and keep your cupboards organised without any effort.

Install vertical panels in these kinds of cabinets to serve as an organiser for pots, pans, lids, trays, roasting dishes and any other large cooking or serving ware that is otherwise awkward to store.

Pull-out cutting board

Create a preparation zone that will minimise mess each time you cook by installing a pull-out chopping board over your bin drawer. A hole in the centre of the design means you can sweep all mess straight into the bin, while easily keeping this concealed at other times.

Putting the cutting board on its own drawer track means you can keep this stored away when not in use, so it doesn’t impede access to the bin.

Armed with this inspiration, you are well on your way to designing functional kitchen cabinets in Sydney.

If you are looking for more guidance on how to maximise your upcoming renovation, the team at Apollo Kitchens can help you design a kitchen that’s tailored with custom storage solutions for your space.

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