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Timeless Kitchen Trends That Will Never Look Outdated

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

There are a lot of moving parts to any kitchen renovation – from designing a functional layout to choosing your materials and colour scheme, and of course packing in as much storage as possible. With so much to think through, it’s natural that we turn to the latest kitchen trends for inspiration and guidance to navigate the process. But with these trends changing quicker and quicker by the day, it can be hard to commit to a design style when you don’t know how long it will take to feel dated and last season. Having observed kitchen trends for the past few decades working with Sydney homeowners, we’ve learned how to separate trends enjoying their 15 minutes of fame from those that will stand the test of time. Keep reading to learn about the design choices that can provide longevity and withstand the ever-changing world of interior design.

Colour palettes

Colour trends are perhaps the most volatile – after all, Pantone does name a new colour of the year every 12 months. Though some colours will be going out of style before the coat of paint is dry on your wall, some choices have proven to be reliable over the years.

The first may seem obvious, but an all-white look has undeniable timeless appeal. Not only does this colour scheme provide a neutral foundation for a variety of design styles, but its staying power makes it a safe choice should you wish to sell your home down the track. It’s this versatility that can help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space and making it their own, rather than being bogged down by kitchen trends.

With all this in mind, however, it’s also true that your colour palette is one of the most easily changed elements of your kitchen. Stripping and repainting your cabinetry in a few years’ time can help to freshen up your space without requiring a larger renovation.


While changing the paint colour on your cupboard doors is easy enough, the door profile you choose is a little more permanent. So, which style of cupboard door will have the most longevity?

Our top recommendation for homeowners who don’t have a strong vision for this area of the kitchen is to opt for a shaker-style cabinet door. With origins in the 19th century, this style involves a recessed panel in the centre of the door, surrounded by a ‘frame’ of sorts around the perimeter. Given it’s been around for over 150 years and is still growing in popularity today, this door style is a timeless addition to any kitchen.

Plus, it’s able to adapt to a variety of design styles. Though it does have strong ties to Hamptons and country-style kitchens, shaker doors are just as at home in a traditional design as they are in a modern one.


A common mistake homeowners make when trying to design a timeless kitchen is conflating ‘timeless’ with ‘old.’ The kitchens of your childhood – floor-to-ceiling timber, ornate cabinetry, glass-front doors – aren’t to be found amongst 2023 kitchen trends; however, a lot of the fundamental materials have stuck around.

Timbers may trend with different stains or levels of grain, but they’re a fundamentally reliable option for cabinetry in a modern kitchen. They can always be sanded back and restained, similar to updating the paint colour, and are a recyclable option too.

The use of timber goes beyond cabinetry, too. A butcher-block-style benchtop often looks better with age and can make for a striking feature for an island bench or breakfast bar.

Avoid overuse of inherently modern-looking materials like stainless steel in your design. These kitchen trends will date more quickly and are less flexible to update down the track.


Kitchen layout trends are probably the slowest to change of any on this list; open-plan kitchen design has been reigning supreme for the better part of two decades now, with blurred lines between living, dining and cooking spaces ever popular.

When it comes to the shape and layout of your kitchen benchtops, a U-shape kitchen or L-shape with an island are the pillars of timeless design. Paired with the golden triangle – the principle in which your cooktop, sink and fridge are located at the points of an imaginary triangle within your space – these layouts are the foundation of a functional space that will continue to work for you many years down the track.

At Apollo Kitchens, we love the challenge of designing a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Contact us or visit a showroom to learn how we can help you.

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